How It All Began

Story Behind the Siouxperman Triathlon


The Siouxperman Triathlon began as a dream conceived at a lunch table in a local Mexican restaurant during the summer of 2006. Community-lovers and spirited athletes dreamed of hosting an event that would involve the entire community, promote wellness, be fun and well organized, utilize excellent facilities, and serve athletes well.

The dream became a reality on May 5, 2007. The first annual Siouxperman Triathlon was a huge success! Nearly 250 athletes participated in the event held in Sioux Center. They were encouraged and directed by over 100 volunteers from the community, as well as personnel from the local police department, EMTs, fire department, and the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office. 

The original commitment remains: Community, wellness, excellence, and fun. Don’t miss it! Be a part of the next Siouxperman – sign up, volunteer, donate, or cheer on.  Kick off the tri-season with the Siouxperman, where it is indeed a sioux-per event!